Final Draft International Standard
ISO/DTS 15638-26
Intelligent transport systems — Framework for cooperative telematics applications for regulated vehicles (TARV) — Part 26: Electric vehicle dynamic charging monitoring
Reference number
ISO/DTS 15638-26
Edition 1
Final Draft
International Standard
ISO/DTS 15638-26
This draft is in the approval phase.


The ISO 15638 series (Parts 1 to 25) define the framework for online fleet management of regulated/unregulated commercial freight vehicles utilizing data communication between in-vehicle systems and an application service provider via an on-board communication unit interfacing with road monitoring infrastructure and roadside sensors. This document defines an unregulated service architecture framework for freight vehicle dynamic electric charging information collecting architecture. This statement does not preclude the regulated service where road authority requires such a function. The objective of this document is to provide a freight vehicle dynamic charging information collecting service function/application for non-enforcement applications [and sometimes for regulated application service (RAS)]. This is for the road transport decarbonizing management purposes of regulated commercial freight vehicle movements by using battery powered heavy electric vehicles. This document intends to reinforce vehicle energy efficiency for non-enforcement and other purposes by collecting dynamic charging information of battery powered heavy electric vehicles. Collected information can be used for fee collection, energy management purposes which are outside of this standard. The static charging information exchange application standards have been created by other standardization body such as TC22/SC31, which is not applicable to this standard. This standard covers only on dynamic charging applications. The information exchange such as charging right, and payment authorization purposes are outside of this standard. This document defines the framework for remote energy consumption information collecting for non-enforcement and other management purpose applications conceptual operation. This document is complementary to, and does not replace, any other documents in the ISO 15638 series. This document is beneficial to vehicle energy efficient management purpose entities, and it provides additional use cases for TARV service applications. This document is specifically oriented towards the realization of efficient road transport of freight vehicles by collecting dynamic charging status information from the vehicle to the service provider. It utilizes the ISO 15638 series basic architecture framework defined in ISO 15638-21. The service provider provides users with energy consumption information of battery powered heavy electric vehicle and gives user the information required to perform charging fee collections, as necessary. The various V2X communication paths can be used according to the various use cases.

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