Telemedicine, electronic patient files, mobile fitness apps and similar software solutions bear great potential for improving people's well-being. Standards for health-related IT applications enhance data interoperability, security, and user experience, facilitating better patient care and medical research.


How AI drives innovation in healthcare

Renowned industry expert sheds light on the many opportunities and challenges associated with AI for health. 

Midsection of a female medical professional using digital tablet in hospital.

Medication safety alerts

Improving patient outcomes with new international guidance.

The UK governments new test and trace application is displayed on a handheld device.

Health and wellness apps

New international guidelines to help sort the best from the rest.

Top standards

IEC 81001-5-1:2021
Health software and health IT systems safety, effectiveness and security
Part 5-1: Security

Activities in the product life cycle

IEC 62304:2006
Medical device software
Software life cycle processes
ISO/TR 80002-2:2017
Medical device software
Part 2: Validation of software for medical device quality systems