Putting on a pretty good show

A new standard for safe firework displays ensures they go off with a bang.

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By Clare Naden
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Whether it be New Year’s Eve or National Days, firework displays are an effective way for cities to put a sparkle in the air and cheer everyone up. But they also take a bit of work to ensure the sparks go flying in the right direction and nobody gets hurt.

ISO 21583, Firework displays – General guidance, provides technical guidelines and procedures as well as safety management measures to ensure fireworks are as spectacular as they were intended to be, without any risks.

The standard provides international best-practice guidelines for those responsible for the display and manufacturers of pyrotechnic products, allowing the relevant authorities to more easily monitor the events and ensure they are done in a safe and successful way.

What’s more, the new standard covers aspects such as safe distances, types of displays, operating technology and more.

ISO 21583 was developed by ISO technical committee ISO/TC 264, Fireworks, whose secretariat is held by SAC, ISO’s member for China. It can be purchased from your national ISO member or the ISO Store.

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