ICS Field
83.020 Manufacturing processes in the rubber and plastics industries
83.040 Raw materials for rubber and plastics
83.060 Rubber
Raw rubber, see 83.040.10
83.080 Plastics
83.100 Cellular materials
83.120 Reinforced plastics
Materials for the reinforcement of plastics, see 59.100
83.140 Rubber and plastics products
Transmission belts, see 21.220.10
Conveyor belts, see 53.040.20
Rubber and plastics coated fabrics, see 59.080.40
Footwear, see 61.060
Tyres, see 83.160
83.160 Tyres
Including tubes and valves
83.180 Adhesives
Including adhesive tapes
Adhesive tapes for electrical insulation purposes, see 29.035.20
83.200 Equipment for the rubber and plastics industries