ISO/IEC 14478-3:1998
ISO/IEC 14478-3:1998
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This part of ISO/IEC 14478 defines a standard set of multimedia system services that can be used by multimedia application de­velopers in a variety of computing environments. The focus is on enabling multimedia applications in a heterogeneous, distrib­uted computing environment. Throughout this part of ISO/IEC 14478, this component will also be referred to as "Multimedia Systems Services", and abbreviated as MSS.

The Multimedia Systems Services constitutes a framework of "middleware" - system software components lying in the region between the generic operating system and specific applications. As middleware, the Multimedia Systems Services marshals low­er-level system resources to the task of supporting multimedia processing, providing a set of common services which can be used by multimedia application developers.

The Multimedia Systems Services encompasses the following characteristics:

a) provision of an abstract type for a media processing node, extensible through subtyping to support abstractions of real media processing hardware or software;

b) provision of an abstract type for the data flow path or the connection between media processing nodes, encapsulating low-level connection and transport semantics;

c) grouping of multiple processing nodes and connections into a single unit for purposes of resource reservation and stream control;

d) provision or a media dataflow abstraction. with support for a variety of position, time and/or synchronization capabili­ties;

e) separation of the media format abstractions from the dataflow abstraction;

f) synchronous exceptions and asynchronous events;

g) application visible characterization of object capabilities;

h) registration of objects in a distributed environment by location and capabilities;

i) retrieval of objects in a distributed environment by location and constraints;

j) definition of a Media Stream Protocol to support media independent transport and synchronization.

The Multimedia Systems Services rely on the object model of ISO/IEC 14478-1 (Fundamentals of PREMO) and the object types and non-object data types defined in TSO/IEC 14478-2 (PREMO Foundation Component).

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     : 1998-12
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  •  : ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC 24 Infographie, traitement de l'image et représentation des données environnementales
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    35.140 Infographie

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