Final Draft International Standard
ISO/IEC DTR 10822-1
Cloud computing — Multi-cloud management — Part 1: Overview and use cases
Reference number
ISO/IEC DTR 10822-1
Edición 1
Final Draft
International Standard
ISO/IEC DTR 10822-1
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To investigate the following:

Multi-cloud API Management
a) Existing projects related to
• API management enabling cloud interoperability and portability
b) Justification for
• a common framework for API management across various providers
c) Mechanisms regarding:
• Challenges in API management and usage in developing and maintaining applications
across cloud providers, including but not limited to changing API versions.
• reducing complexity and enable rapid development of services by stitching together
multiple, heterogeneous APIs provided by various vendors.

Multi-cloud service metering and billing
a) Existing projects related to
• Cloud service metering and billing
b) Justification for
• Requirements and a common vocabulary and terms for cloud service metering and billing
c) Mechanisms regarding:
• To provide a single pane of glass or otherwise a standardized central cost metering view in a
multi-cloud environment.
• budget forecasting in a multi-cloud environment (while minimising human intervention and
increasing accuracy)
• To perform uniform and consistent metering and billing of cloud services

Multi-cloud environment
a) Existing projects related to
• Policy management framework in cloud, especially multi-cloud environments
b) Justification for
• compatibility between various formats, policy code/languages and integration mechanisms
• Common understanding regarding location, adoption method for various policies in multicloud

• Deployment and usage guidelines for a policy enforcement framework in multi-cloud
c) Mechanisms regarding:
• To policy management and enforcement in a uniform and consistent manner across clouds

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