Draft International Standard
ISO/DIS 7673-1
Agricultural field operations data — Part 1: Core concepts
Reference number
ISO/DIS 7673-1
Edición 1
International Standard
ISO/DIS 7673-1
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This proposal is the first of three separate, but linked, proposals. The deliverable consists of documentation that defines the processes and models for data exchange in agricultural irrigation. The scope of the set of three proposals is based on two major irrigation data processes: 1. Observations: The field, atmospheric, plant, or other in situ measurements that apply to irrigation management. This includes weather stations, soil moisture sensors, or crop-related sensing. This work is an agricultural implementation of the ISO 19156:2011 standard for observations and measurements. 2. Operations: All of the activities associated with the application of water with an irrigation system. This includes, but is not restricted to, management-level communications and record keeping. The operations data set is based around a Recommendation, which describes a suggested course of action; a Work Order, which describes a desired course of action; and a Work Record, which describes what actually happened. This work is based on, and extends, the ISO11783-10:2015 standard for communications between agricultural machinery and FMIS. Deliverables for this particular proposed part of the standard include definitions and examples for core concepts, processes, and objects used in the other parts: • Business processes associated with the irrigation field operation • The Actors and their role(s) in the process • Core Documents and their relationships • Common Components • Identity - Compound Identifiers • Time, Space, People, Data pedigree, Geopolitical-context-dependent data • Reference Data • Setup and Configuration Data The proposal does not define how to generate irrigation prescriptions, or prescribe how to operate the specific mechanisms of a piece of irrigation equipment, such as sprinkler valves or center pivot end guns.

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