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Surface treatment and metallic coatings — General classification of terms
95.99 ISO/TC 107
Atomic layer deposition — Vocabulary
60.60 ISO/TC 107
Diamond-like carbon films — Determination of friction and wear characteristics of diamond-like carbon films by ball-on-disc method
90.93 ISO/TC 107
Thermal spraying — Classification method of adhesive strength by indentation
90.93 ISO/TC 107
Determination of the residual stress of TGO layer in thermal barrier coating by photoexcitation fluorescence piezoelectric spectroscopy
40.60 ISO/TC 107
Test method for CMAS corrosion of thermal/environmental barrier coatings under dynamic thermal cycling
40.60 ISO/TC 107
Determination of modulation period of nano-multilayer coatings by low-angle X-ray methods
60.60 ISO/TC 107/SC 9

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