• Reports to the Council
  • Monitors the financial performance of the Organization
  • Reviews the financial impact of ISO programmes and projects
  • Reviews the annual financial statements and the ISO Central Secretariat budget
  • Assesses and recommends policies to manage financial risks
  • Advises Council on the financial impact of the business model and commercial policy
  • Advises Council on audit issues for financial matters

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Reference Title Type
ISO/COUNCIL/CSC/FIN/AHG 1   Ad Hoc Advisory Group on Donor relations Working group
Date Month Location TC/SC Note
21 November 2024 Virtual () ISO/COUNCIL/CSC/FIN *
18 February 2025 Geneva (Switzerland) ISO/COUNCIL/CSC/FIN *
3 April 2025 Virtual () ISO/COUNCIL/CSC/FIN *
3 June 2025 San José (Costa Rica) ISO/COUNCIL/CSC/FIN *
25 November 2025 Virtual () ISO/COUNCIL/CSC/FIN *

* Information definite but meeting not yet formally convened
** Provisional